Tuesday, May 18, 2010

The Journey's End

This had certainly been an adventurous trip up to the farm and I'd taken lots of pictures. My most recent "adventure" was getting lost in the northern Adirondacks and traveling in a big circle (see yesterday's post). But I eventually got back onto the correct highway and began my journey back to Albany. I hadn't planned to shoot any more photos but when, on Route 73, I passed this cascade I had to stop for a quick snapshot:

I was back in the familiar territory of the high peaks region. I've traveled this area often enough to feel comfortable and safe:

And just before getting back onto the limited access highway called The Northway, I stopped once again at our secret campsite and doggy rest area alongside the Ausable River. The dogs were happy to get out and even tubby little Wren was pretty lively:

Fergus and Seamus ran through the forest and around the boulders:

And Seamus cooled himself off in the Ausable River:

The Ausable River is famous for its scenery and we had this portion of it all to ourselves:

Wally, Fergus and Daphne went rock hopping beneath the cedars on the river's shoreline:

Daphne has become quite an athletic puppy. It's easy for me to see how Papillons have become the darlings of the agility training circuit:

"Hi Dad. Ya wanna play?"

But soon it was time to go. I called the dogs and we all began heading back to the car:

Seamus' long legs usually get him there ahead of the pack:

Wally, Fergus and Daphne arrived quickly also:

Winky and Wren, my two little curmudgeons, simply don't move that quickly. They had a hill to climb and it took them a little longer. We all piled back into the car and had a blessedly uneventful trip back home to Albany:

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