Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Back Roads Tour, Part 4

I was driving around the rural roads west of my farm with Daphne in the back of the car and enjoying seeing the sights and imagining how it will be to live there. I can certainly say it is scenic. I passed this old tractor parked in a field. This photo once again shows why I call it big sky country:

This barn set quite close to the road and was filled with sheep:

A comfortable and friendly log cabin, apparently home to a large family if the number of parked cars is any indication:

This older farm house is my favorite kind of subject for photos as it has so much character, derived from so many years of living:

And an even older farm house, this one apparently much like it was long ago:

A family farm with big sky and big hay fields. I noted that the house was plain and largely unimproved while the barns were more modern and spiffy:

As I've said before, the many branches of the St. Regis River snake and curl everywhere throughout the area and most roads cross some part of it, often multiple times. This hay field is bordered by the St. Regis River and you can see it more easily if you click to enlarge the photo:

And not far from that hay field, this road crossed the river. You can see how lovely and serene this countryside is, benefiting greatly by this ever present river:

Three barns all joined together, no doubt for ease of doing winter chores:

And this house had a nautical theme which I thought was odd until I remembered the ubiquitous St. Regis River, the Grasse River, The St. Lawrence River and the Raquette River, all flowing through the area:

And then I came to this friendly looking farm. Oh wait, that's my farm with the dogs waiting for me in my apartment. I'd made it home and it was time to settle in for the evening:

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