Saturday, May 15, 2010

A Tour Of Northern Adirondack Cabins

I was still on the Port Kent/Red Tavern Road and traveling southeast from my farm through the northern Adirondacks. The St. Regis River, its tributaries and marshlands were my companions for much of the way:

I'd driven through wilderness areas with no other humans in sight, but came to a section with more private land and small cabins. These were not the mansions one typically sees around Lake Placid, but modest vacation homes for working class people. In some cases, I suspected they were year 'round residences:

This classic log cabin was set amongst spruces typical of northern forests:

A smaller place which appeared to have been trucked in and set on recently cleared land:

An older camp, but one which had been well maintained:

Under the tall spruce trees:

Deep in the woods:

Very private:

A large picture window for watching wildlife:

A log cabin with color added:

I was enjoying my tour of the cabins of the northern Adirondacks and was fascinated by their variety and the ingenuity of their owners. I'll post more tomorrow:

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