Tuesday, May 4, 2010

My First Look At The Farm In Months

It'd been an adventurous trip up to the farm with lovely scenery the entire way. I hadn't been to the farm in several months and hoped I'd find it in good order. When I pulled into the driveway, I immediately noticed that my tenants had weeded the little garden next to the milk room. I was already impressed:

And the flower gardens alongside the house and deck had been weeded The Blue Flag tubers I'd planted last year were already beginning to come up:

The lawn had been completely mowed and some of the apple trees had been pruned:

In short, the place looked better than it ever had:

The lawn and the hay fields were emerald green:

This is a view of the house and milk room as seen from the south end of the barn:

The tenants had set up a trampoline and both Fergus and Daphne seemed very interested in playing beneath it:

And amazingly, the giant steel cable which had been coiled on the ground had disappeared. I guessed it had been moved into the barn but I never looked:

The weed patches around the bases of the trees had been cleared. It was quite impressive:

And the mess which had once been a lily pond had been cleaned out and completely weeded. Daphne gave it the official inspection:

All the felled giant maple trees were gone and planters had been set on their stumps:

My farm has never looked better and I decided that I'd won the grand lottery when I got these tenants. So far the trip had been a very happy experience:

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