Saturday, May 8, 2010

I Begin Touring The Rural Back Roads

I'd arrived at the farm in the early afternoon. I'd toured the lawn and gardens and I'd walked some of the dogs across the north hay field and through the woods to a hidden meadow, a small part of which I own. I'd driven with Daphne to Potsdam to photograph "The Toilet House" and then I decided to drive the rural roads, photographing the local sights. My first stop was this impressive stone house and stone barn:

And this very nicely done stone wall built across a pasture:

Some horses in a field:

I noticed in my travels that the local area appears to be in the midst of a revival, with many people buying farm properties and fixing them up. I love the older buildings, though, so tended to photograph run down barns and abandoned houses instead of those all gussied up. This classic farm fits right in the middle and is neither run down nor all fancied up. It's typical of what one sees on those rural roads:

This barn, however, is in much need of repair:

And a sort of junk pile in the center of a pasture:

Some family's home and barn:

And a classic split rail fence of the type one commonly sees up there:

And way off the road behind that fence, a small modest cabin. If you click to enlarge this picture, you'll also notice two geese grazing:

An old homestead behind tall old maple trees. I can only imagine what stories it could tell:

Still a functioning farm:

I'd noticed in previous tours of the area that green was a more popular color for barns than red. This property had two of them. I continued exploring the back roads and will post more photos in days to come:

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