Sunday, November 1, 2009

Water, Water Everywhere! From Lake Harris to Tupper Lake

Driving from Newcomb's Lake Harris up through the Adirondack Mountains on Route 28, there is scenery galore. I was, on this trip, particularly taken with the lakes, ponds, rivers and wetlands. I don't remember what lake or pond this is - perhaps I didn't even know at the time, but it is a classic example of Adirondack wetland, with boggy edges, open water in the center and mountains all around:

Another lake along the way framed with autumn colors:

Is it any wonder that I so enjoy driving through the Adirondacks?

I reached Long Lake and stopped at the town dock where the hydroplanes are quartered. It's too small to see in this photo, but one of the hydroplanes was taking off farther up the lake towards where it narrows. It was fun to watch and after it was gone, I returned to my car and found that my 6 dogs had become a bit of a tourist attraction themselves:

The shoreline of Long Lake right in town by the public beach, the hotel and the general store. What a nice place to live:

From Long Lake, I traveled north on Route 30 where I encountered this flock of Canada Geese on Tupper Lake:
Tupper Lake is magnificent and the highway offers plenty of scenic views. I snapped a few pictures and grabbed a sandwich in town but had to continue on my way. My farm was to be the next stop:

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