Friday, November 27, 2009

Blackhead Range Hike - Part 2

I was hiking with both Fergus and Seamus in the Catskills and we were still near the beginning of the hike, perhaps less than a mile along the trail, when I took this picture. Seamus is wondering what the heck I'm doing:

As the dogs and I climbed higher up the mountain, the fog got more dense. It didn't seem to bother the dogs at all but it became eerier to me as we progressed:

A turkey tail fungus along the way:

Higher and higher we climbed up into the Blackhead Mountains which consist of Blackhead Mountain, Thomas Cole Mountain and Black Dome:

The rocks are layered and filled with crevices, caves and ledges for wildlife and a whole host of imaginary creatures:

Standing at the bottom of a tall ledge, we are preparing to climb straight up it:

We're approaching the top of the ledge:

Seamus tries a detour (he doesn't follow the trail markers):

I paused for a moment to admire and examine the liverworts. At least I thought that's what they were. I later did an internet search and decided that they were Thalloid Liverworts, a primitive and fascinating life form. I'm open to correction if anyone knows I'm wrong:

A closer view:

Higher and higher we climbed up into the foggy mountains:

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