Thursday, November 19, 2009

Back At The Farm Again

Our most recent trip up to the farm - we'd arrived and I let the dogs run around the barn. Then I put them into their new fenced in yard while I unloaded the car and turned up the heat in the apartment. The dogs have learned the routine now and seem to enjoy every part of it:

You may notice that the older dogs - Wally, Wren, Casey and Winky - are holding still long enough for me to photograph them. The two silly puppies, Fergus and Seamus, are running and wrestling. Well, they all have fun:

Outdoors, the sun is setting and the temperature is dropping sharply. The dogs and I settle in for the night. The views out my apartment windows are lovely:

The dogs all seem to have favorite sleeping spots. Wally found a new one on this trip - in the corner under the table:

And the new sleeping spot for Seamus is the depression near the front door. I suppose it feels like a doggy bed to him. Wherever he is, though, Fergus will join him:

The view out of my north and northwest windows is of north field. Some day I hope to watch Red Poll Cattle grazing there:

And out of the eastern window I see my barn just beyond the dogs' fence. Some day I hope there'll be friendly hens foraging around the barn:

I'd forgotten, on my last trip, to take a photo of the new cellar entrance door which Rick built. But this time I remembered. This shot illustrates the new door, the new siding and the old barn. That addition on the rear of the house is my apartment. The rest of the house is rented to a couple who work at a nearby university:

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