Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Express Yourself Concert - Part 1

It was concert time again! Capital Pride Singers held its "Express Yourself" concert with two performances, one on Friday night in Troy and another on Saturday night in Albany. During the first half of the concert, the chorus was clad in black and quite dignified in appearance:

This group characteristically mixes full chorus numbers with small ensemble performances and you might expect anything, from slow serious ballads to absolutely silly fun. In this picture, we're being mostly serious:

Our generous and talented pianist, Paul, entering the "dressing room:"

While we're otherwise still in our serious black clad mode, David couldn't resist appearing as 'Freida Munchon:'

Donny croons a ballad:

Though this photo, like some others, is blurry, I kept it because it shows some of our members during intermission, now clad in our outrageous "express yourself" garb and having a friendly, lively good time. Such happy faces:

In addition to dressing up to express ourselves for the second half, we also dressed up in nautical theme to sing Walt Disney's "Under The Sea." Here, I think Suzi is a mermaid:

Now into the second half of the show, Freida Munchon and Carmie Hope belt out a rendition of "I Am What I Am" from the Broadway show, "Le Cage Aux Folles." I'll share more photos tomorrow:

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