Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Harvey Mountain - Part 3

We are now atop Harvey Mountain and looking around at the scenery. These nearby hills are part of the Taconic Range:

We were on a small rounded knob with great views but we hadn't yet actually reached the highest point. Here Fergus looks out over the valley and peaks, undoubtedly thinking deep doggy thoughts:

There was still some brilliant foliage, especially in the blueberry fields. If you click this photo to enlarge it, you'll notice that Fergus is running for joy:

We continued hiking upwards, seeking the high point:

More views of the distant forested hills:

We reached the stone marker designating the boundary between New York and Massachusetts. As you can see, this is the New York side:

The dogs stayed put but I moved across to the Massachusetts side:

When the trail began a steep descent down into the state of Massachusetts, I opted to turn around and begin walking back to our car. After all, any steep descent would, on the return trip be a steep ascent:

We left the trail occasionally to explore the woods:

C'mon, Dad, ya wanna play?:

Hurry up, guys. I think there's red squirrels up here!:

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