Friday, November 20, 2009

Coming Home From The Farm

It was Monday morning and time for me to drive back home to Albany. I took this morning photo of the north side of the farm house which shows my apartment, the dog run, the north end of the barn and the morning's sunrise glow over the trees to the east:

Before leaving for Albany, I shot this picture of the house and barn directly across the road from my place. This farm is owned by a young couple who will be taking the firewood from the 3 big maples I have had cut down and, in exchange, plowing my driveway this winter:

I loaded the dogs into the back of the car and began my journey. But then I decided to detour along the Port Kent Road through the little Adirondack towns of Hopkinton and St. Regis Falls. The houses along the way were interesting and seemed to paint a picture of the area in general, so I began snapping photos as I went. For starters, I shot a picture of the Hopkinton Post Office which I'd formerly not even known where to find:

This old country house has seen plenty of living and, I'll wager, still houses a big family:

An older place which, like my farm house, has been updated with energy efficient windows and vinyl siding:

This grand old place and the carriage house behind it are quintessential small town America. We're still in the town of Hopkinton here:

A brick house in Hopkinton. I know there are stone quarries near Potsdam, but it'd be interesting to find out where bricks were or are made:

As I proceeded southeast from Hopkinton, the look and feel of the houses and terrain became more Adirondack. I continued snapping photos of buildings along the way and will post more tomorrow:

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