Thursday, November 5, 2009

Driving Home Through The High Peaks Region

Driving home from the farm, I crossed this railroad track and noticed how it seemed to provide a sort of tunnel looking off into the Adirondack wilderness. So I stopped, turned around and went back to snap a photo. Railroad tracks, of course, have always been a trigger for dreams of getting away, of adventure and of seeing new and fascinating places. They certainly had that effect on me. I would have loved to drive right down those tracks for miles and miles, deep into the wilderness, just for the views. Of course I couldn't do that - but I could dream. This would be a good photo to click on and get an enlarged picture:

And of course, my six dogs were waiting faithfully for me in the car. Seamus had even slipped stealthily into the front seat, no doubt hoping I wouldn't notice:

As I continued southward, I once again drove through the high peaks region. It is amazing how the mountains look so different with each passing season, sunlight, weather, etc. But they are always lovely:

As I entered the Keane Valley, the trees still displayed some hints of their former colors:

With mountain peaks all around, and with a blue sky overhead, I was surely enjoying the trip:

Route 73 traverses the Keane Valley and then goes through those mountains straight ahead before connecting with the Northway, the main north/south limited access highway in the area. Actually, it's the only one, not just the main one:

I was almost to the Northway and it was time to put the camera away and start making some rapid progress in my travel toward home. But one last photo of the mountains:

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