Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Beginning The Drive Homeward

I'd just left the farm to begin my long drive back to Albany when I passed this half harvested corn field filled with Canada Geese. I only captured a small portion of them in this photo. There were hundreds of them, perhaps even close to a thousand birds. It was an astounding sight:

Birds were both taking off from the field and coming in for a landing:

Most of the Maple trees had lost their brilliant colors way up north, but once I hit Route 458, I discovered that that the Tamaracks had turned a striking golden yellow. Tamaracks are one of the few deciduous (lose their leaves for winter) conifers and a long time favorite of mine:

The gold of the Tamaracks mixed in with the green of the Firs, Pines and Cedars:

A true northern autumn scene. One might expect a bear or moose to wander out of these woods at any moment:

As I progressed southward, I passed more hardwood trees which still had some color. They made a nice foreground for photographing the mountains:

While I was out of the car shooting photos, the dogs were watching my every move. I turned around to walk back across the highway and saw this scene:

Once I arrived back at my car, I could see these friendly, anxious faces waiting for me: Seamus, Fergus and Wally:

Barnum Pond, right next to Route 30:

Barnham Pond again, a lovely scene of late autumn. Even the submerged pizza box couldn't ruin the shot:

It was still morning and still chilly, so water vapor was rising off the surface of the water:

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