Sunday, November 15, 2009

The Amazing Red Poll - Part 3

The dogs were waiting back in the car and I was being introduced to the Red Poll cattle. My favorite, of course, was Paula, the friendliest of the herd. Now, all of them were remarkably tame and gentle, but particularly so given that they are field cattle, seldom handled and mostly left to their own devices:

Paula's calf, Pansy, had been fascinated by me since I arrived. Now that I was petting her mother, Pansy took the opportunity to sneak around behind to get a closer look at me:

I particularly like this photo as it shows Paula actually being affectionate. The farmer says he doesn't allow them to do that as they tend to push one over, but Paula was gentle and not pushy with me:

Paula and her calf, Pansy:

I approached another cow who allowed me to scratch her back but moved slightly away when I tried to pet her head. She wasn't alarmed, and kept on chewing, but wasn't sure she wanted some stranger touching her head:

A cow and two bull calves check me out. They were all curious. The adult bull continued to recline in the field some distance away but watched our every move:

Another cow allows me to stroke her:

A beautiful sight of red cattle (with no horns!). Yes, I can imagine them in my fields:

This photo speaks for itself:

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