Thursday, November 12, 2009

Harvey Mountain - Part 5

We've been to the top of Harvey Mountain and made our way almost back to our parked car. Here, Seamus is ahead of me and no doubt looking forward to snoozing in the back of the car for the ride home:

We emerge from the forest and see our car parked below:

As I begin the drive back toward the highway, I notice again that even the roadway is scenic. There are state approved campsites along this road:

We come again to the place where the clear cutting has opened up views which had formerly not been available. I guess clear cutting isn't all bad. As long as they don't build a housing development and a Wal-Mart here:

A green and red striped mountain. The pines and hardwoods sometimes seem to grow in their own patches:

And off in the distance, the Taconic Mountains, many of which I've hiked:

I didn't know, but wondered if this might be Harvey Mountain which we just hiked:

I'm out of the car snapping photos, and Fergus and Seamus want to keep an eye on me:

A closer view of the bi-colored mountain:

All good things must come to an end. We returned to the interstate highway (I-90) and began our journey home. I stopped at a rest area just so I could get a photo of this rural scene with the Catskills on the horizon. Those 3 consecutive peaks on the left are, I believe, the Blackheads, visible from many spots in Albany:

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