Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Hays Brook Equestrian Trail Head

On the road again, traveling from Albany up to the farm. When we reached Route 30 in the northern Adirondacks, the dogs and I were ready for a break. So I pulled into the Hays Brook Equestrian Trail head, parked and let the dogs out for run. The air was scented with Balsams and the scenery was peaceful and lovely. In this photo, Seamus is sniffing the ground, not lifting his leg as it at first appears:

Fergus, Wally and Wren are checking out the territory, making ever widening circles and getting farther from the car. You can see the smaller Balsam Fir understory beneath the taller pines:

Fergus trots down the horse trail:

The two buddies, Seamus and Fergus, travel farther than the smaller, older dogs:

Casey explores the trail also, with my parked car in the background. As usual, we had this beautiful natural area, which sits far off the road, completely to ourselves:

Winky, Wren and Wally inspect the side of the trail for dangerous chipmunk activity. It's a dog's job to keep the world safe for democracy and the American way:

Little Winky may never become a long distance hiker, but he's developed a set of trail-legs and now enjoys his short excursions into the woods:

But it was time to complete the journey to the farm. I called the dogs back to the car so we could be on our way:

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