Monday, November 9, 2009

Harvey Mountain - Part 2

Here we were in the Taconic Mountains hiking up to Harvey Mountain where there was a giant field of lowbush blueberries and a scenic overlook. It was too late in the year for berries, but it was a marvelous day for a scenic overlook. In this photo, Seamus and Fergus have gotten themselves a bit too far ahead of me and had to be called back:

Beneath a clear sky we hiked the trail through the forest gradually gaining elevation:

Near a small stream I saw some old stone walls covered with moss and followed them into the woods a bit. There was an old stone foundation where many years ago someone lived and no doubt farmed the fields bordered by these stone walls. This trail was undoubtedly the road which led them to town, many miles away. Surely that was a trip taken only on special occasions or when the need for store-bought supplies became dire:

Both dogs seemed to hear something behind us on the trail near a recently fallen oak tree. I looked also, and even walked back to take a closer look but neither I nor the dogs found the cause of the alert:

I set the camera on a rock, hit the delay button and snapped a picture of us on our journey:

A smile and a pose for the camera:

Very happy dogs:

Up around that bend is the top of Harvey Mountain. We're almost there:

We climbed up a steeper part and came out into the blueberry fields where we could see the mountains surrounding us. I knew that those to the south were the Catskills and the close-by mountains were the Taconics, but were those toward the northwest possibly the Adirondacks? Probably not as they weren't far enough away, but I was never sure:

I contented myself with appreciating the beauty and snapping photos of the scenery:

Tomorrow: The Harvey Mountain hike continues:

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