Saturday, November 7, 2009

Letting Sleeping Cats Lie

One recent morning I saw Bramble in his cat tree, all happy and comfy inside the carpeted tube attachment. He looked so happy that I snapped his picture:

And then I thought that I ought to photograph the other cats in their natural habitat. As is the way with cats, they were mostly sleeping. Rocky was perched precariously snoozing atop the other cat tree. That upright post is so weak and wobbly that he'll go tumbling down one of these days. You can see the dirtied wall behind him, a result of many sleeping cats over the years:

And Georgette was napping happily in a dog bed which I'd swept off the floor and put up on top of a table:

Aptly named Snoozy was getting some shut-eye on a ledge. And yes, that's cat claw damage on the wall beneath him:

Draco had been sleeping, but woke up to see what I was doing. That coat tree next to him is wrapped in aluminum foil and packaging tape because the cats thought I'd brought it home for them to sharpen their claws on. If you're wondering why the rocking chair is jammed up against the wall, it's there in preparation for my every morning vacuuming. Oh, the joys of having a house full of pets:

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