Friday, November 6, 2009

Sleepytime Buddies

Seamus and Fergus are best buddies. When outdoors (and sometimes when indoors!), they run and play. A favorite pastime is a game where Seamus grabs a rawhide chewie and Fergus tries to snatch it out of his mouth. They both find this a marvelous game. But most often, I see them sleeping together. I took a photo of the two of them all cuddled together on the floor to put on my blog, but then took another and another and another. I couldn't decide which one to post, so I solved the problem by deciding to post them all!

The first one was taken during our most recent trip to the farm. They're relaxing together on the apartment floor:

Together again, this time at home:

And again:

Now this is really power-napping:

And Wren joins in the communal sleeping:

Fergus must have had a busy day. Doesn't he look exhausted?:

Well, Fergus has opened one eye to see what I'm up to. The other two can't be bothered:

A new cuddle position:

So relaxed, so comfortable:


It's a dog's life:

I love you, Seamus. And I love you too, Fergus. Good night:

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