Saturday, November 21, 2009

More Adirondack Buildings

The dogs and I were traveling south from the farm toward home and just leaving the small town of Hopkinton on the Port Kent road through the northern Adirondacks. I'd been enjoying photographing the houses along the way so continued to do so. This friendly home and barn looked like a wonderful place for a family to gather for Thanksgiving dinner:

And right nearby was this more woodsy looking Adirondack homestead:

A bit farther down the road was an old abandoned home, slowly decaying into nothingness. I wish I could know who lived there and why they had to move away. Notice the ubiquitous White Cedar, symbol of the north country:

This low-slung barn looks as if it was built to hold up to the high winds common to the area:

This is the house which goes with the above barn. I suspect that it is quite old but has been nicely modernized and had a garage added for convenience:

And when I reached the small town of St. Regis Falls, I saw this classic Adirondack style store-front added to an older building:

Just a couple of doors down from the Adirondack style building was this charming cafe. It appeared to have begun as a log cabin to which they'd added a sort of geodesic dome. Now there's a place I'd like to stop for lunch on one of my trips:

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