Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Express Yourself Concert - Part 2

We're in the second half of the concert now and have shed our serious black attire for anything goes, 'express yourself' garb. Here, Mark and I sing a lullaby with a serious message called "Everything Possible:"

Singing Walt Disney's "Under The Sea." As if the 'express yourself' garb wasn't enough, you may notice there's also now a lot of aquatic themed accessories. I'm wearing a goldfish hat, and there's several lobsters, a shark hat, etc. That's why it's called 'entertainment' - because it's designed to be entertaining:

Our wonderful pianist, Paul, and his helpful page turner between songs:

Mike sings a comic song from the Off-Broadway show, "When Pigs Fly," about growing up in the small town of Northville (where he did, in fact, grow up):

And a final, rousing performance of "Rhythm Of Life:"

The last song's been sung and now it's time for final bows and thank yous all around:

Our lovely and talented director, Olga:

The end. Exit, stage left:

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