Saturday, August 1, 2009

Road Shots

State Highway 458, which I take from the northern border of the Adirondack park south to where it joins Route 30. It begins (or ends, depending on which way you're heading) just 3.3 miles from my farm. The landscape in that northerly part of the Adirondacks is high and flat, but it's only a few miles to where the mountains begin to rise:

The high, flat landscape along Route 458 is dominated by spruce, tamarack, burbling brooks and bogs, but there's usually a mountain not too far in the distance:

It wasn't too long ago that much was written about Purple Loosestrife pushing out our native Cattails. But I no longer see any Loosestrife either around Albany or in the Adirondacks. Lots of Cattails, though. Perhaps our native Cattails have pushed back. They certainly do provide beautiful scenes like this one:

I believe this was Lake Colby, north of Saranac Lake:

And this is why I say that Route 73 must surely be one of the most scenic highways in America:

My little car parked alongside the Cascade Lakes on Route 73:

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