Saturday, August 15, 2009

Traveling Southward Through The Adirondacks

I had intended to drive home quickly after my last visit to the farm and took the quickest, most direct route. But I kept seeing beauty everywhere and stopped to take a picture here and there. In the end, I'd added more than an hour to my trip. I even stopped to take the guided tour through John Brown's farm house - but that's another posting.

Below is a couple of old Adirondack barns which I see often and think they're classic:

And this is the house of the people who own those barns. I've seen a very old woman on the porch and tending her flowers. Clearly someone does a great job of keeping the lawns mowed:

Another classic Adirondack farm:

This spruce and tamarack filled scene is just off of Route 458. If you look closely, you'll see a small old concrete bridge near the center of the picture. I'd guess that was the only road through this wilderness not too long ago:

A magnificent bog which I think is slowly growing up into forest. The spruce and tamarack are getting started and will some day turn the whole bog into woodland:

We stopped once again at Mountain Pond. You can see Casey, Seamus and Fergus enjoying their break and sniffing everything:

Mountain Pond is one of those places which brings peace to my soul:

The Brighton Town Hall:

The Gabriels town park. There was a state prison nearby which closed recently as a cost cutting measure:

An abandoned Adirondack house:

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