Monday, August 3, 2009

A Few Scenes From Up At The Farm

This is the current state of the apartment in the farm house. The next time you see it, I should be moving all my belongings into it for my use on weekends. The main part of the house is to be rented out:

I took a drive into Massena for building materials and saw what I momentarily thought was a litter of puppies along the way. Instead, this is what I saw when I got closer. They're sure cute even if they aren't puppies:

A field of hay bales. Not only is this picturesque, but also represents a lot of winter feed for livestock. A treasure of great magnitude by any standard:

And an unusually colorful herd of dairy cattle:

These lovely, peaceful ladies were fraternizing with the local Canada Geese:

Contented dairy cattle in a lush green field define "Peace" for me:

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