Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Fergus Gets Skinnier

Seamus, Wally and Fergus are all growing fur faster than I can keep it cut. I clipped Wally's down to a more reasonable length last week, but Fergus was beginning to look like a little sheep in need of shearing. I happened to wake up even earlier than usual on Saturday morning so I dragged out the clippers and gave Fergus his first electronic shearing. Formerly, he'd only had his hair cut with scissors but this was beyond the jurisdiction of scissors.

This is a blurry photo, but it's all I took. Most of the sheared hair has already been cleaned up off the rug (there was a lot more!) and Fergus is giving me his "Dad, how COULD you?!?" look:

Fergus may now be funny looking, but he's cooler and more comfortable than he was before:

Next in line is Seamus, the woolly mammoth:

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