Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Snapshots From The Farm

I just got back from a weekend visit up to the farm. As usual, I drove up on Sunday morning and returned on Monday. That's not much time to spend up there, but I have to be back for chorus rehearsal on most Monday nights and also I have a room full of birds who need care. They don't mind missing one feeding on Monday morning, but more than one would be problematic.

Anyway, it was raining heavily when I arrived at the farm, so after getting the dogs comfortable, I drove to Massena to buy a small refrigerator for the apartment. By the time I got home the rain had ended so I worked some more on mowing lawn and putting up the dog fence.

Here's a few snapshots from the trip. There's some old, decrepit sheds adjoining the barn which are covered in vines. I've thought they were picturesque but so far none of the photos I've taken have been good enough to save. But on Sunday during the rain, I saw the vines from inside the barn with some light coming from the missing roof and took this shot:

The barn interior, a comfortable haven from the rain outside:

And on my way to Massena, I saw this scene of haying interrupted by rain:

My little red car parked alongside an Adirondack highway:

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