Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Into The Deep Adirondack Forest

The dogs and I got back on Monday from another trip to the farm. I drove up on Sunday morning and stopped to let the dogs out as soon as we got off of the main highway and began making our way up through the Adirondack park. There's a camping spot just off the road that few seem to know about. It's right in the deep woods and alongside a very nice stream. The dogs and I began walking from the car along the trail into the forest. What's that in the photo below? A bear? A Sasquatch? Oh, it's Seamus, wagging his tail and loving the world:

It's quite rare for me to get all 6 dogs in one photo because they usually trot off in all directions. As you can imagine, I sometimes get quite - well, let's say "enthusiastic" about keeping them all together in the woods without leashes. Actually, they're very well behaved. But after all there's SIX of them:

Seamus and Fergus became obsessed with the smell of something near that rock. More obsessed, I think, than I'd ever seen them. Whatever it may have been, it wasn't there any more so I pried them loose and we continued on our way:

Winky, Wally and Wren, The three W's, trot along the forest path. It reminded me of a scene from "The Wizard Of Oz:"

And Casey stands beside a patch of young cedars. I love the northern cedars and have several large ones around the farm house:

Are there bears in this forest, Dad? I hope so. I want to bark at a bear. I'd protect you, Dad:

Wren, Wally and Fergus. Once again the Wizard Of Oz look. Well, we soon got back into the car and continued our way northward. More adventures awaited:

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