Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Travels With Dogs

It often seems as if I spend more time driving between home and the farm than I actually do at the farm. This is not likely true if I consider actual hours spent at the farm including sleeping. But if I only consider the hours when I was awake - well, then it might be true. At any rate, a large portion of my weekends is spent in the car with the dogs. They seem to enjoy it, though sometimes when we stop for a break Winky and/or Fergus doesn't want to jump back into the car. Who can blame them? Sometimes I don't want to get back in either. Here's a photo showing 5 of the 6 of them squeezed into the back of my little car. Actually, it's roomier than what the photo suggests. There's more room toward the back (which is where Casey is in this photo):

The biggest problem is when giant ol' Seamus stands up or moves around. Any bump in the road or turn has the potential to cause him to fall or sit on one of the smaller, older dogs. They in turn crab at him and I, in turn, holler into the back that "You guys had better not make me come back there!" Like a father on vacation with the back seat full of unruly children:

It's always a relief when we hit exit 30, entrance-way to the high peaks region. This past weekend was rainy and overcast, but that produced some spectacular views of low clouds drifting through the mountains:

I took a new turn seeking a place to let the dogs run a bit and saw this cloudy mountaintop. I think that it's Giant Mountain, but if not then it's Rocky Peak Ridge:
We did indeed find a new place to let the dogs out to stretch, poop, and play. It had both woodlands and meadows, a fine place for a carload of dogs to unwind. Notice that Wally is stretching himself in this picture:

Wren and Wally enjoy the break from life in a car:

And Seamus and Winky sniff among the meadow flowers:

Wren and Fergus. I suppose some would consider it anthropomorphism to say that Wren is smiling here, but in a sense, I think that's exactly what she's doing. A yawn is sometimes a dog's way of expressing joy:
Well, it was a happy time in our trip northward. I'll post more photos tomorrow.

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