Saturday, August 8, 2009

Dogs And Porcupines And Bears, Oh My!

At a stop along the drive between Albany and the farm, the dogs and I played around in a mountain stream. Wren wouldn't go near it and Winky would only come within a few yards. But the other four dogs had a great time. That's Seamus and Casey in the photo below (with a tiny bit of Wally's head), cooling off and being happy:

Wally approaches the water and I believe that blackish blur behind him is Winky - and that's as close to the water as Winky would go:

Driving Route 458 on my way back to Albany, I rounded a corner and found this scene. I had to stop while this construction worker shooed a Porcupine off the road. He'd found it lying on the pavement and thought it was dead. But when he went to pick it up with a shovel, the very angry Porcupine roused itself and had to be pushed off the road, grumbling and sputtering as it went:

Well, I snapped a couple of pictures of the disgruntled Porcupine and resumed my journey. But around the next bend I saw a young Black Bear running across the road. I didn't react quickly enough to get a photo, so this is from the internet. It is, however, pretty much just what I saw:

There's no shortage of water in the Adirondacks. This lake, if I remember correctly, was one of the Saranacs. It was lovely:

And along one shore were people's cottages and boat docks. I only stopped momentarily. One of these days I'll stay longer and the dogs and I will enjoy the water:

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