Sunday, August 2, 2009

The Road Toward Mount Marcy

Traveling Route 73 just south of Lake Placid, one finds a road which leads into the high peaks where I've frequently stopped and snapped photos of the distant mountains. Many years ago I traveled to the end of that road to the Adirondack Loj and Wilderness Campground. I camped there several times with friends and hiked Mount Marcy and a few of the surrounding high peaks. Well, on my most recent trip to the farm I decided that I should drive down that road and get some photos of the scenery at closer range. This is what I saw:
And as I drove on down the road, I got closer and saw more mountains:
There were hay fields in the flat valleys with high peaks all around. The hay was, in many places, high enough to be full of wildflowers:

I couldn't tell you which mountain is which, but I have in the past hiked many of these peaks. I wonder if I was up there on that ridge?

A multi-layered texture of scenery:

A little farther distant, the really really high peaks:

The birds were singing, the bees were pollinating the wildflowers, the breezes were blowing:

I'd love to have helped with the haying in this scenic field:

This beautiful barn was set in a field of wildflowers and surrounded by high peaks. I had to get out of the car and snap a picture. This is certainly a photo worth clicking on to enlarge:

Sharp curve ahead. Well, actually, the road was pretty straight considering the mountainous terrain:

Someone's "cabin." Once upon a time this rugged landscape was where no one wanted to live. Now, only the well-to-do can buy land on this road:

Near the turn off onto this road one can see Lake Placid's Olympic ski jump structures. I'm not at all sure how these work, but if one has to ski from the top of them down to where they end and then sail through the air - - well, I won't be taking up the sport any time soon:

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