Saturday, August 22, 2009

Random Shots From The Beautiful North-Land

This is a rather random assortment of photos taken on last weekend's trip up to the farm and back. The first is of a collection of antique bottles which I found in the basement of the farm house. I brought them upstairs, washed them and lined them up on the windowsill of my apartment. There was only one windowsill where I thought they'd be safe. Fergus tends to walk around on the other sills. So far, the bottles are safe on this one. I'm sorry to say that my eyeglasses and pens on the kitchen table did not fare as well:

While staying up at the farm, I got up at my usual early hour and took the dogs outside. It was beautiful, with only the moon and stars for light. This photo shows the crescent moon and one star hanging in the sky above the barn. It is easier to see if you click to enlarge it:

I've seen very little Purple Loosestrife but a new purple flower is appearing in the north country. It is Fireweed, Epilobium angustifolium, a member of the Evening-Primrose family:

And a whole patch of Fireweed glistening with dew in the morning sun:

The St. Regis River which has several branches and seems to be everywhere, running through the farm towns up north as well as through the Adirondacks:

This view of the St. Regis River was from a bridge which has been under construction since my first drive north. It is now finished and furnishes both a smooth, secure drive and a lovely view:

Another view of the St. Regis:

This old farm house and antique trucks sits just off the road in the town of Brighton. It appeared that no one was living there and the driveway was chained. I didn't want to trespass, but did manage to snap this shot:

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