Thursday, August 13, 2009

Adventures On The Drive Northward

When we got to the town of Keane, I stopped at my favorite store, the taxidermy shop. It's a wonderment for all us kids. It's got just about everything:

And if you don't find what you want on the floor, look up on the walls:

Remember the picture of the house with the pen full of baby pigs adjacent to their front door? (Monday, August 3) Well, it's on a small narrow side road which I use as a shortcut up near St. Regis Falls. When I passed it on my way north on Sunday, the pigs were gone but the road was full of, and surrounded by, Border Patrol and State Police vehicles. Overhead, a helicopter made tight circles so low to the ground that I could have seen the facial expression of the pilot:

I never found out who they were looking for. It might have been an interesting story. Nevertheless, it added a bit of excitement to my journey and reminded me that I will be moving close to an international border:

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