Thursday, August 6, 2009

Some Neighbors And Some Scenery

I love to explore the country roads around the farm and sometimes accomplish this by trying new routes into Massena, about a half hour drive under optimum conditions. Exploring dirt roads and country lanes can add a considerable amount of time onto the trip but it's worth it for me to explore the area.

Here's a few of my neighbors - of the woolly variety:

And a less civilized neighbor who didn't realize that it was quite rude of him (see the spikes?) to stare at me:

And a field full of horses. Horses, I'm beginning to realize, are almost as common up there as dogs:

And just down the road from me, near Greg and Mollies general store:

Well, I admit that this lovely lake was not near the farm but farther south. I stopped there as I drove through the Adirondacks. I wonder if the dogs would go swimming with me. I just might try it one of these days:

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