Saturday, August 15, 2009

Fort Jackson, New York

The hamlet of Fort Jackson is a small settlement within the town of Hopkinton, New York. According to what I've read on the internet, it was settled in 1814 when someone built a mill on the St. Regis River. Fort Jackson, tiny though it is, is the closest settlement to my farm. I drive through it every time I go to Hopkinton or head for home via the paved roads instead of the dirt road. There's only a few buildings and a cemetery, so I thought I'd memorialize a few of them in photographs. Below is a picturesque church which has no sign or any other indication that it's currently being used:

This former gas station is a reminder of days long gone. I hope it stands for many years because it sure is a beauty:

The truth is that I took a picture of this house because it was for sale and I wanted to look it up on the internet to see how much they wanted for it (just out of curiosity). I did look it up and to my surprise, they are asking $139,000. That's much more than I'd have guessed. But the house is far bigger than it appears in this photo, is beautifully remodeled inside and has over 200 feet of waterfront on the St. Regis River. So I guess it's a good price after all. I wouldn't want to live so close to the road, but then I guess it's a country road with little traffic:

This unusual barn marks the spot where Country Route 49 makes a sharp turn and crosses the St. Regis River:

This family has firewood stacked up in two places on their front porch. They are prepared for winter:

And Jerome Wilber's hardware store. It's truly an old fashioned store. Shopping there is like a trip back into time. They do have nearly anything you might need, though:

And from the front:

A horse farm with nice facilities and handsome animals:

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