Sunday, August 9, 2009

An August Morning

Our temperatures moderated and one morning I decided to snap some photos around my house. It began when I turned away from my computer and saw these two pals on the floor behind me. Seamus and Fergus wrestle and run nearly all the time, but when they tire they're also sleeping buddies:

So I stopped what I was doing and went out into the back yard with the dogs. The first thing I saw was a pair of Rose Of Sharon bushes, one white and one purple. They grow like weeds here, dropping seeds everywhere and I have to pull up seedlings all the time. I'd like to plant some up at the farm but I've read it's too cold for them up there:

This double purple bush grows right outside the window above my kitchen sink. Actually, there's also anther variety growing with it, several Rose Mallows and a whole patch of Silver Mint:

Fergus carries rawhide chewies with him wherever he goes. I leave 20 or 30 on the floor at all times to give the dogs something to do without causing fights. Here, Seamus is looking at one of the sacred chewies which Fergus has placed on the lounger to enjoy the sun:

What with the music and hiking and trips to the farm, my back yard gardens have gone to ruin. But a couple of shrub roses I planted last year just grew taller than the weeds and bloomed happily:

The back yard in my Archie Bunker house in my Archie Bunker neighborhood. Seamus here is wondering what on earth I'm doing:

Hi Dad. Do you want to sit here with me and my beloved chewie? I'd let you, you know. We could be a happy threesome:

All the dogs are collecting at the back door in order to go back inside:

Wally, Winky and Wren think they've had enough outdoor time and want to get back to sleeping on the carpeting:

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