Friday, July 31, 2009

Snapshots From The Journey

Driving through the town of Keene, New York, a pretty little tourist spot in the high peaks region of the Adirondacks. Just ahead is the intersection where we turn left, continuing on Route 73 while Route 9 bears to the right. I was shocked, however, to learn that there was a Lake Placid Iron Man bicycle race in progress and I was delayed by over an hour between Keene and Lake Placid.

Once we were back to progressing northward toward the farm at a normal rate of speed, I thought that I should let the dogs out at the first opportunity. I stopped at a small cemetery surrounded by Adirondack high peaks. In this photo, Casey, Wally, Fergus and Seamus check the place for ghosts:

Seamus stretches his legs in the scenic cemetery:

In the bottom left of this shot you may notice Casey and Fergus, a couple of happy dogs:

Even Winky and Wren trotted around and got a bit of exercise:

And the view was stunning:

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