Friday, July 10, 2009

Snapshots From The Drive Home On Monday

I had 6 dogs in the back of my little car and a kitten in a rough cut box in the front seat next to me, so I couldn't stop anywhere for more than a few moments. But I did manage to take a few photos of the Adirondack scenery on my way home.

This lovely hay field and high peaks was near Brighton, New York. It's one of the most scenic places in the Adirondacks.

And above, the same mountains from a little different angle.

I stopped at the Cascade Lakes to let the dogs out and to give myself a chance to.......well, you know.

The Cascade Lakes are a chain which run right along Route 73. This little "park" is off a tiny road which most people don't even know is there. There's a very high waterfall cascading down one of those rocky peaks, though it doesn't show in this photo.

And as I drove into Keane, New York, I pulled off the road and walked up a hill into a cemetery to take this picture. It had been raining and for some reason, the moisture in the air seemed to make the mountains look both bigger and closer than usual.

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