Tuesday, July 28, 2009

A Drive Down Blue Mountain Road

When it again came time to drive home to Albany, I decided to take a small dirt road down through the mountains to a highway intersection where I'd again be on my usual route. Blue Mountain Road was the way to the trail head for Azure Mountain, which I hope to hike some day. So I turned off down the road and drove for miles and miles and miles. I saw classic Adirondack wilderness scenery with lots of water:

And the water was surrounded with mountains:

There was some private lands mixed in with the state lands and cabins appeared here and there along the way:

I found the trail head to Azure Mountain and came to a private club where large signs forbid trespassing for any reason. They appeared to be quite serious about it so I backed uphill a long way (there was no turnaround) and began the long trip back to the highway. But when I passed a small gravel bank, I decided it was a good place for me to let the dogs out to run:

I almost didn't open the car doors, however, for as soon as I stopped, deer flies covered the windows. I feared they were going to mob us as soon as we got out. But I got brave and gave it a try anyway. I'm happy to say that there was a nice breeze and we weren't at all bothered by deer flies. If, however, the breeze had died, then perhaps we'd have had to jump quickly back into the car:

The scenery along Blue Mountain Road was exquisite:

Back on the highway again, we headed on down through the Adirondack high peaks region:

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