Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Adirondack Scenery

Though I often travel the same route down through the Adirondacks (there's very few roads from which to choose), I'm often amazed at the beauty and the new mountains I notice. When I saw this large gap between the mountains, I imagined myself as a pioneer and thought how I'd head for that low spot in the hope of finding a pass through the mountains:

I stopped along the way to let the dogs play in a mountain stream. A few of them wanted no part of it as the route down to the water was too rocky and difficult. But Casey, being a veteran Adirondack dog, knew just how to cool off and get herself a drink of clear, cool water:
And Fergus followed her example. Dogs, like people, learn by watching others:
Below us, the stream rushed on down through the boulders:

I found a flat spot to give the dogs a bit of exercise:

A close-up view of the mountains:

And a Purple-Flowering Raspberry:

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