Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Hi Ho, Hi Ho, Through the Adirondacks We Go!

I've searched the road maps but can find only two basic routes up through the Adirondacks as I travel from Albany to the farm and back. Of course there's a few minor variations I can make, but it's basically a choice between the two. Taking Route 73 through the high peaks region is the most scenic and up to an hour shorter, so it appears that's going to be my most common route.

I of course drove up there again this past weekend and, just as I entered the high peaks region, took the dogs for a short hike through the forest. Even Wren seemed to enjoy wobbling along. In fact, she seemed quite happy. Notice that in the above photo she's way ahead of Winky. He considers it a matter of doggy pride not to act too enthusiastic.

Fergus is definitely taking a liking to all this farm and forest adventure. A big hike on Thursday and now this! Life is good.

Wren and Winky, again bringing up the rear.

Wally can really hustle when he wants to. Here, he's having a great time beneath the tall trees.

Wait for me, Dad! There might be bears around here!

And 5 dogs in a line heading back to my parked car. Casey was lagging behind. She had some business to attend to.

And in the town of Keane we find two stuffed bears and one overstuffed bear.

As Route 73 began its ascent up into the highlands, I climbed a rock alongside the road to photograph the mountains from which we'd just come. Notice the shadows of clouds on the mountains, one of my favorite sights. The Cascade Lakes are immediately ahead.

Now I can't be sure, but I think that's Whiteface Mountain in the distance. Those "stripes" you see on many of the high peaks are actually slides. Those are places where the weight of the trees and thin soil spread over the rocky peaks just give way and slide down the mountain into a heap. This leaves a rocky stripe on the mountainside. I've never seen one actually slide, but I did once hike through the results of a recent slide near Dix Mountain. It was as if a giant toddler had tossed the trees, roots and all, into a big pile at the base of the mountain.

And one video. This is the much photographed waterfall off of Route 73 just west of Giant Mountain and Chapel Pond. You can hear the sound of the rushing water.

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