Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Farm Scenes From The Holiday Weekend

The finished farm kitchen with new floor, new counter top, new sink and rebuilt/revitalized cabinets. shelves and lighting. It's a very pleasant and comfortable room.

And the finished living room. Yes, there's a bed in there but that's just temporary.

The big dining room looking across the island into the kitchen. A true country place for hearty healthy meals and good friends.

Two of my neighbors, a mother and child.

I drove into the city of Massena, about a half hour drive, to buy food and supplies for the kitten. The land from my farm north is pretty flat. But on a rise in the road on the way south from Massena back to the farm, you can clearly see the high peaks of the Adirondacks not far away. The Adirondack Park begins just about 3 miles south of my farm.

And lastly, the look of dawn breaking over the farm on Monday morning. You'll have to imagine the birds singing in the apple and pear trees, the cedars and the hay fields. It's my favorite time to be outdoors.

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