Friday, July 17, 2009

Photos from the farm this past weekend

Rick is nearly finished with the inside of the house and is now remodeling the former "spare room" to be an efficiency apartment. My intent is to rent out the main part of the house until I retire and, until then, keep the small apartment for my weekend visits. Of course it's all subject to change at any moment.

The photo above is an old one, showing the spare room as it appeared when I bought the place. It was pretty much wide open to the elements and full of junk.

And above, a new photo of the same part of the room. Yes, that's a new door which leads into the mud room which will be shared with whoever occupies the main part of the house. Rick has wired it for electricity, insulated everything and begun putting up sheetrock. That rusty white thing in the front right corner is an old sink I bought at a neighbor's yard sale. It'll look much better with a coat of paint.

And the other side of the room. This other door leads directly to the outside and the two flowering crab trees. To the left, just past the sink, is a third door which leads to the bathroom.

Looking from the apartment through the south door into the mud room and beyond to where my red car is parked. You can see one of the apple trees just beyond my car. I don't think it's going to be a very good year for apples, but the pear tree appears to be preparing a mighty big crop of pears.

Above: The view out one of the three 4' x 4' windows in the apartment looking towards the barn.

Behind the apartment (formerly called the spare room) I'm preparing a fenced in area for the dogs. When I'm working outdoors I'll need a place to put them so that they can also enjoy being outside but not wander off in all directions when I'm not paying attention to them. This should do the trick.

The farm across the road has purchased a friend for their mare. Horses up that way are very common. These two are clearly happy to have each other and are almost always visible from the front of my place. The neighbors' calves, however, have vanished. I suspect they're now in the freezer.

I drove down to the local hardware store in Hopkinton and followed a young Amish man on his way to the convenience store where they have a place out back of the store to tie horses.

And just down the road from me I saw another neighbor sleeping soundly. I was momentarily taken aback, thinking my ex had moved to town. This appeared to be a very contented animal. Life is good, at least as long as it cannot foresee its future.

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