Tuesday, July 7, 2009

A Sad Story And A Happy Story

I drove up the farm this weekend and, immediately after arriving, took the dogs for a walk around the far end of the barn so they could stretch their legs, enjoy themselves and do their business before entering the house. At the far end of the barn, on a concrete ramp, I found this horrible scene:

Just off the concrete in the grass was the orange kitten. It was staring forlornly at its sibling and didn't object when I picked it up. In fact, it soon began purring. I hurried it into the farm house and set it up in the bathroom with a cardboard box full of sand, a cup of water and some smoked ham lunch meat.

Though I expected it to be a feral little spitfire, it surprised me by being friendly and sweet, purring wildly at every bit of attention. A little female, it seemed to be in desperate need of food.

I gave her a cardboard box lined with an old curtain to use as a bed and headed toward Massena to buy cat food and flea drops.

The little kitten did so well that I let her out to meet the dogs on Monday morning. She was not afraid and was quite happy to have some company. The dogs thought she was interesting, but they're used to meeting new critters.

Fergus and the kitten hit it off especially well. Maybe because they're both so young.

Above, Fergus and Seamus meet the kitten. You can see the kind hearted interest on Fergus' face.

And on Seamus' face: "What am I supposed to do with this, Dad?"

Crabby little Winky handled himself well, though he did not appreciate being used as a surrogate mother.

Fergus, Winky and Seamus fraternize with Miss Kitty, though Wren is busy taking a power nap.

This is not a feral spitfire, but a sweet natured little kitten.

Fergus didn't mind being a surrogate mom but, alas, he didn't have the right equipment.

I found an old hinged box made of rough-cut lumber in the barn and used it as a cat carrier. As soon as I got home to Albany, I took the kitten to the vet for a check up and distemper shot. Then I took her to Troy Veterinary Hospital so that Barb of Project Drumm could find her a happy home. Of course I would have liked to keep her, but I do have 6 dogs and 5 cats already. So the story ends happily.

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