Sunday, July 26, 2009

My Farm Neighbors - Part 2

About a half mile up from my farm, this is Shinnock Road, a narrow and short connector road on which is only one farm. This farm has hay and corn fields which appear to me to be about 100 acres each:

Green fields, broad blue skies, farm homes, silos, horses and cattle. This is rural America:

I was astounded at the magnitude of this corn field, though I admit that the photo doesn't show it well. It was, however, both magnificently beautiful and large:

It appeared that this farm was raising calves either for veal or for dairy. Again, notice the big sky and cumulus clouds. A guy or gal could lie down in the grass for hours and watch those clouds float by:

More rural beauty:

A pair of steers in a neighbor's field:

A local man once told me that white birch up there grew like a weed. If you cut it down, it quickly sends up multiple shoots. In many places, birch woodlands frame the farm fields:

A closer view of a birch woods:

And just down the road from me, a couple of ladies enjoy the beautiful summer sun and the green grass:

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