Saturday, July 25, 2009

My Farm Neighbors - Part 1

After mowing the lawn on Sunday afternoon, I left the dogs in the house and jumped in my car so I could drive down to the local store. But instead of taking the direct route, I drove a few of the local roads to give myself a tour of some of my neighbors and get a feel for the area. This church was in a town so tiny it didn't really have a town center. The church, in fact, was surrounded by farm land. I saw no sign announcing its denomination or persuasion. But it sure is picturesque and reminiscent of days gone by.

And this is the closest cemetery, a joint effort by the towns of Hopkinton and Fort Jackson:

My biggest impression was that this is real farm country with corn and hay fields in the 40 to 100 acre size range. I believe this corn field was in hay last year and I estimated it at the time to be about 40 acres. I thought that was pretty big but I'm coming to realize that there are many fields nearby which dwarf it.

Just up the road from me is a quintessential American heartland farm. This is big sky country. Montana, eat your heart out:

A hay field which stretches out to a spotty line of small trees and then continues on:

Another neighbor, this one with horses:

And on the highway, someone has built a lake house. There's a fountain in the pond which keeps the water from freezing in the winter and the ducks all congregate there.
Straight narrow roads, endless fields and great big skies:

And this attractive barn right near the turn-off into the Adirondack Park:

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