Sunday, July 12, 2009

Hiking The Jug End Loop, Part 2

In this second part of the Jug End Loop hike, the dogs and I have left the fields and entered the woods, gradually climbing higher up the side of a mountain.

The above photo is an old abandoned cabin I noticed (I almost missed it!) in the forest alongside a stream. Of course I had to walk down and take a closer look.

There was still furniture in the "living room" and it appeared that kids and/or hunters have spent some nights there. It must have been a beautiful camp at one time.

An LP gas stove and dry sink. They had all the luxuries.

On the other side of the cabin you can see the stone fireplace and chimney, still in operable condition. The front porch has Adirondack style natural sapling ornamentation.

Fergus and Seamus found the old toilet facilities.

Back on the trail, Fergus poses as "Wild Dog Of The Forest."

I snapped this photo just as Seamus went into high alert, thinking he'd discovered some wild animal. Fergus also became alarmed, sitting down to assess the situation. I looked around for bears or people but saw none. I called Seamus, told him everything was OK and we resumed our hike.

Back past the free standing fireplace we'd passed at the beginning of the hike.

I saw this small plant in several places and thought it was one I'd never seen before, so I took a picture and looked it up when I got home. It turns out to be Lesser Pyrola, Pyrola minor, a native plant in the Wintergreen family. Now I know.

Fergus is running again! Seamus almost never runs, at least not at a lope, but his legs are so very long (and his feet so very big) that he just walks quickly and the other dogs can barely keep up.

I got silly with Fergus and Seamus thought it was all great fun.

There were plenty O' ferns along the way, but only one Northern Maidenhair Fern, Adiantum pedatum. In fact, it's been years since I've seen one.

Almost back to the trail head, you can see both fields and mountains beyond the Milkweed flowers.

Seamus and Fergus are feeling quite proud of themselves and very happy. I noticed, however, that they slept all the way home.

One of the last things I saw as the hike was drawing to a close. A beautiful place, a beautiful day.

Faithful pooches hiking happily.

We're back! The hike ended with a bridge over Fenton Brook. That's my little red car in the parking area. We had the entire trail to ourselves.


  1. I found this site searching "jug end cabin". The cabin was owned by the Boy Scouts. I have great memories of staying in the cabin on winter weekends with troop 64 out of Trumbull CT. It was a challenge to hike there in the snow. We called the cabin Catamount cabin. Great photos - brings back memories. Wondering if you have been up there recently and if the cabin is still intact.

    1. Thanks for telling me abut the cabin. I have never been back and, in fact, moved away from the area. I would like to think that the cabin is still there, but I don't know.