Thursday, July 30, 2009

I Spend My Weekends On The Road

Yes, another trip up through the Adirondacks to the farm. I drive, drive, drive - and then I work, work, work. This weekend's trip involved my bringing a gas kitchen stove up with me to use in the farm house apartment. It took up so much room in the back of my car that I knew it'd be difficult on the dogs. I put big ol' Seamus in the front seat with me and the other 5 (smaller) dogs in the back with the kitchen stove.

The 5 smaller dogs seemed to fit pretty well. Seamus, however, took up so much room that I didn't know how well this would work. Indeed, when he curled up to sleep, he hit the gear shift lever and knocked the car out of gear. He pushed my leg so hard that I began to have leg cramps. I decided I'd have to keep him turned toward the window and I'd have to stop and let the dogs out more often than usual:

There was a threat of thunderstorms both in the forecast and in the sky. As I drove north up the highway towards the Adirondacks, I was prepared for almost anything:

The skies cleared and I stopped by a beautiful rocky Adirondack stream to let the dogs out for a run. We didn't actually get down into the water as the banks were too steep and the boulders too big, but the meadows alongside the stream made an excellent spot for a break. Below are Fergus and Seamus by the stream:

Casey, Wren and Winky stretching their legs and exercising their sniffers:

It was a fine day in paradise as Wren and Wally pushed their way through the wildflowers:

I especially liked this shot of little Wren, who seems to be feeling contented and happy. When I see her in this picture I think that her name, Wren, is most apt:

Fergus, being a pup, wants to get everyone playing. Old Casey and Wren, however, will have no part of it:

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