Friday, February 24, 2017

Our Last Big Snowstorm (I Hope)

I go out to do the morning chores soon after it is light. On snowy mornings, I often see bird tracks all over my steps:

And the newly fallen snow had coated everything and made it beautiful. These were the Rugosa Roses, with the barn in the background:

I walked to the road and photographed the neighbors' horses, who had moved to a farther field than usual:

Chickadees called from the bird feeder post and from the lilac bush:

The orchard glistened with new snow:

The neighbors' barn, with my lilac bush in the foreground:

The old fashioned Bridal Veil Spirea, looking almost as pretty in the snow as it will when it flowers in the spring:

I fed the cattle and shooed them out the door, where ever-hungry Tabitha began nursing from her mom, Rosella. Notice the beautiful trees in the background:

On the other side of the barn door, some of the cattle were getting their usual after breakfast drink of water:

Remy and Blue were the last ones out of the barn:

It was all a peaceful, winter scene:

I looked back toward the house and thought how grateful I was to live here and how I didn't hate winter as much as I usually say I do:

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