Monday, February 13, 2017

Farm Country - U.S. Route 11, Part 2

I was driving east on U.S. Route 11, from the town of Lawrence to the town of Bangor, New York. There was an abundance of large, well kept barns and farms along the way:

Most of the barns were very old but some of them were not aging well. Notice the collapsing structure to the right of this venerable old barn:

A picture perfect barn, silos and grain bins:

Very old, and sitting right at the edge of the highway:

Another impressive farm:

The side of this barn was plastered with giant signs, including a rant about losing out to a large dairy cooperative, political opinions and a gigantic photo of the owner, riding a steer:

Most of the old barns which are still serviceable have had new roofs put on. This barn clearly needed one a long time ago but didn't receive it. Now there is a gigantic hole in the roof and not much hope for the structure:

A busy, active farm, with barns and silo:

The house which went with the above farm was also mighty impressive:

This old barn appeared to be used only for storing hay:

An old hay wagon and the remains of a shed. But I had more road to travel and more farms and barns to photograph, so I'll continue by posting Part 3 tomorrow:

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