Monday, February 20, 2017

Wintry Beauty On Denton Road, Town Of Lawrence

It had snowed all morning but was beginning to slow down and might even turn sunny, so I decided to take a drive down the a gravel road and see the snowy scenery. This old gate led into field, unused for many years, perhaps decades:

Hardwoods and Red Pines mixed along the road, punctuated by the white trunks of Birch trees:

An old barbed wire fence still ran along the road:

Someone had planted Scotch Pines beside a potato field:

I tried to make a mental note of which pictures were of White Pines and which were of Red Pines, but when I got home, I couldn't remember. These, however, were obviously Red Pines:

Everything looked as if it had been dusted in powdered sugar:

Blue pipelines for maple sap ran all through the woodlands, indicating an abundance of Sugar Maples. This farmer produces a lot of maple syrup every year:

Hardwoods mixed with pines:

Only the Beech trees held on to their coppery leaves, adding color to the scenes as I passed:

All the woodland scenes looked inviting and friendly:

I passed by an active logging site, where many pines had been cut for pulp and for telephone poles. They were being loaded as I went by:

Across the road were shorter logs of bigger diameter, so I assumed they were saw logs, on their way to becoming lumber. It is a blessing to live in the midst of such beauty:

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